A general-purpose streaming big data statistics system.
Easier to use, supports a larger amount of data, and can complete more statistical indicators faster.

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One-click deployment, one-line access, no need for big data R&D and operation and maintenance experience, easily handle real-time statistics of massive data.

Supports millions-level data indicators, helping enterprises to build a data-driven operation system at low cost.

1.1. Overview

  • XL-LightHouse is a set of integrated functions including data writing, data calculation, data storage, and data visualization developed for the complex streaming data statistics requirements in the Internet field. It supports large data volume and high concurrency, serving as a general-purpose streaming big data statistics platform.
  • XL-LightHouse currently covers various streaming data statistics scenarios, including count, sum, max, min, avg, distinct, topN/lastN, and more. It supports multidimensional calculations, multiple time granularities such as minute, hour, and day, and custom configuration of statistical periods.
  • XL-LightHouse has built-in rich conversion functions and supports expression parsing, which can meet various complex condition filtering and logical judgment requirements.
  • XL-LightHouse is a complete solution for data governance in the field of streaming big data statistics, providing user-friendly and comprehensive visual query functions, API query interfaces, as well as data indicator management, permission management, statistical throttling, and more.
  • XL-LightHouse supports storage and querying of time-series data.

1.2. Product Advantages

  • XL-LightHouse is designed for the complex streaming data statistics requirements of enterprises, enabling enterprises to quickly achieve tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of data indicators in a very short time. This is something that technologies like Flink, Spark, ClickHouse, and Doris cannot compare with. XL-LightHouse helps enterprises realize data-driven operations at low cost, and the data indicator system can cover all aspects of enterprise operation.
  • One system, three uses: serves as a general-purpose streaming big data statistics system, data indicator management system, and data indicator visualization system.
  • Unlimited data volume for a single streaming statistics scenario, whether it's very large or very sparse. You can use it to achieve DAU statistics for apps with billions of users, operation monitoring for tens of thousands of servers, log statistics for first-tier Internet giants, or to count occasional interface calls and time-consuming situations in a day.
  • Supports high-concurrency query of statistical results.
  • One-click deployment, one-line access, no need for professional big data R&D personnel, ordinary engineering personnel can easily handle it.
  • Provides comprehensive data indicator visualization and management maintenance functions.

Users who are interested in using XL-LightHouse can add my WeChat for free one-on-one technical support. If you encounter any problems during deployment or use, please submit an issue, and I will handle it promptly!

1.4. One-click Deployment

1.5. Hello World

1.6. Usage Scenario Demonstration

1.7. Web-based Demonstration Site

Demo Site: Test Account: admin, Password: 123456

1.8. Preview of Some Web-based Functions

XL-LightHouse XL-LightHouse XL-LightHouse XL-LightHouse XL-LightHouse XL-LightHouse XL-LightHouse

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